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eh fk the new account

2009-04-27 22:32:08 by Zafoe

i really dont wanna make a new account so yea
im staying wit this one

and i uploaded the new song i made here
its actually not bad :p

plz review them
if u ahve free time

new account

2009-04-27 02:38:42 by Zafoe

i made a new account

go there for my future music and etc

i uploaded my new song there but ur going to ahve to
wait for a week cuz the dumb song approval


2009-04-26 11:07:12 by Zafoe

i would of gave up with out him
but he started teaching me

and im really starting to get into it

i wouldnt have been able to get this far without him

thx man

i will be uploading the song i made
after i change the instruments
with some new vst and nexus sounds

Help With Fl Studio

2008-12-14 17:52:12 by Zafoe

just wondering if any of u guys can help me with fl studio
if so pm me

Music now

2008-12-08 20:27:20 by Zafoe

well i shift between everything for some reason
now im just making music with fl studio
ima probably quit it then start doing something else
i dunno im a person who does
tat which is not good
well tats all
review my first song =P

eh u guys probably noticed already

2008-10-07 21:47:38 by Zafoe

ive havent been animating
im gonna start again
once i save up for a computer
cant animate with one computer i gotta
share with my brothers and sisters